Panasonic Smart Hybrid System

Panasonic’s Smart Hybrid

An Alternative Option

IPVS believe that Yabbit is the best brand on the market, as not only is it used by more than 90% of the Forbes 500, but has great and highly flexible solutions for all business sizes. However, it has also come to our recognition that Panasonic is a fierce competitor and so, we want to tell you just a little bit more about it, and why it also has its advantages.

The most popular or recommended Panasonic phone system is the KX-NS700, and it is also known as the Smart Hybrid system. If we were going to choose an alternative to the Yabbit IP Office phone system, this would be it. In this day and age, it is less about the product and more about the solution, so features are incredibly important; the Smart Hybrid has built-in unified messaging, cell phone support, basic call centre functionality and much more.


So you are getting many modern features you see with the Yabbit IP Office, and is a great alternative, except for one or two small things. The Yabbit IP Office offers a system of flexibility, and can support more users. The Smart Hybrid system is capped at about 250 users, whereas the IP Office system can go up to 384, and even higher with IP Office Live’s cloud version. Essentially, if you are a business that wants to own a phone system outright, and does not see itself going beyond 250 employees, this is a highly recommended solution.

Case Study

In a recent case study, a marketing firm needed a unified communications platform, which takes a traditional phone system and integrates itself with new features such as video, messaging and more. This would allow associates of the firm to work flexibility, reinforcing the cohesion and constant collaboration their creative industry demanded.

The solution was to implement a Panasonic SIP cordless system, which allows staff that work either remotely or in the office to be connected to a central hub – much like the cloud. The result was that this firm managed to build relatively inexpensive infrastructure, that allowed for more effective and easy collaboration.


The trend of many business markets today require that businesses recognise the problems with their businesses; for many this includes efficiency, such as being out of the office. When businesses talk about efficiency and performance, a unified communications system is able to rectify this problem quite easily. In a nutshell, the best way to go about this is to find a solution that allows for effective collaboration and more accessibility to various mediums of communication.

Yabbit is the industry leader for unified communications, but for businesses that want an alternative option, there is the Panasonic Smart Hybrid system, that is affordable and will deliver similar results.

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