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Tips to Connect your CRM to your Phone System – So YES YOU CAN!

2017 has been the year that businesses have demanded we as Communications consultants must give more Value, more Benefits and not just provide Dial tone. Initially with the Digital economy, many Businesses were looking for cheaper Telephony alternatives than the old faithful PBX system. Cloud emerged as the latest trend in Phones. It was simple and it worked when on a private network but there was restrictions.

I’ve been in this industry for 30 years and i have seen functionality diminish rapidly in real life as opposed to the glossy brochure, when people have gone to Cloud telephony. Its funny how the sales guy said i wouldn’t lose functionality and it would be cheaper of course. The reality is yes it may sort of do a similar job but its not as easy and definitely didn’t save us any money. So Cloud became a reality and with the deep pockets of carriers the marketing machines convinced us all that its of course better.

You need to Connect your CRM, Accounting package and ticketing software.

There has been many promises and articles on how the Customer Experience is the new marketing. How its not about what i say in my marketing about how great we are at all. The new Marketing is about what I as the customer say about you in a review. Now more than ever your focus must be on the Customer experience. Yes you can do this with Microsoft Skype for Business.

The Battleground is now the experience and it must be customer service.

Connecting the CRM and software in your business to the Phone setup enables your team to forge a relationship with your customers based on knowledge. The confidence of the staff talking to customers flows through to a relationship of safety, less risk and you know what i want and need. It equates to a better experience and a happier client. It allows staff to enjoy their role and be proud of a great job. Imagine a company that has staff that loves making clients happy.. And more easily than before.

Hey a quick request from me to you is to please share this article to your contacts and ask them if they believe connection to the CRM would improve the Customer experience in their businesses.

If you want more information on how we can enable performance in your customer service, to build higher revenue and have a productivity increase to boot please contact me directly. There is no smoke and mirrors and no spin. Ill let you know if we can or we cant. However we will allow you to make an informed decision that can help your Business grow and change your outcomes to one of awesome reviews.

Business checklist – Customer experience – Digital strategy.

If you think a quick checklist may help you with where you are headed in this area please click here. I’m sure you will find value in the checklist.

Do the Business Communications Checklist now.

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Panasonic Smart Hybrid System

Panasonic’s Smart Hybrid

An Alternative Option

IPVS believe that Yabbit is the best brand on the market, as not only is it used by more than 90% of the Forbes 500, but has great and highly flexible solutions for all business sizes. However, it has also come to our recognition that Panasonic is a fierce competitor and so, we want to tell you just a little bit more about it, and why it also has its advantages.

The most popular or recommended Panasonic phone system is the KX-NS700, and it is also known as the Smart Hybrid system. If we were going to choose an alternative to the Yabbit IP Office phone system, this would be it. In this day and age, it is less about the product and more about the solution, so features are incredibly important; the Smart Hybrid has built-in unified messaging, cell phone support, basic call centre functionality and much more.


So you are getting many modern features you see with the Yabbit IP Office, and is a great alternative, except for one or two small things. The Yabbit IP Office offers a system of flexibility, and can support more users. The Smart Hybrid system is capped at about 250 users, whereas the IP Office system can go up to 384, and even higher with IP Office Live’s cloud version. Essentially, if you are a business that wants to own a phone system outright, and does not see itself going beyond 250 employees, this is a highly recommended solution.

Case Study

In a recent case study, a marketing firm needed a unified communications platform, which takes a traditional phone system and integrates itself with new features such as video, messaging and more. This would allow associates of the firm to work flexibility, reinforcing the cohesion and constant collaboration their creative industry demanded.

The solution was to implement a Panasonic SIP cordless system, which allows staff that work either remotely or in the office to be connected to a central hub – much like the cloud. The result was that this firm managed to build relatively inexpensive infrastructure, that allowed for more effective and easy collaboration.


The trend of many business markets today require that businesses recognise the problems with their businesses; for many this includes efficiency, such as being out of the office. When businesses talk about efficiency and performance, a unified communications system is able to rectify this problem quite easily. In a nutshell, the best way to go about this is to find a solution that allows for effective collaboration and more accessibility to various mediums of communication.

Yabbit is the industry leader for unified communications, but for businesses that want an alternative option, there is the Panasonic Smart Hybrid system, that is affordable and will deliver similar results.

A Key Concern for All Small Businesses: What the Customer Wants

Phone Systems Brisbane


About Phone Systems Brisbane

A key concern for small businesses today is knowing what the customer wants before they do, and this is a problem because a lot of the products on the market come in many shapes, different sizes and brand names. Since the phone system brand Commander has become less popular, emerging brands such as Samsung, Panasonic and Yabbit offering heaps of new features, affordability or something that just does the job. Phone Systems Brisbane.

What many consumers don’t know is that affordability can have multiple meanings; while some brands offer a cheap phone system in terms of total cost of ownership, the actual cost of running it can be very expensive. Take Yabbit for instance, in the communications business it is the brand that is one size fits all, and businesses will pay a premium, however the cost of running it is significantly cheaper than its competitors. Phone Systems Brisbane.

Yabbit has been pegged as a market leader for unified communications, which can be an unfamiliar term for a lot of phone system consumers. Unified communications is not just a bonus for phone systems today, but a necessity, businesses need to be able to engage with their customers on all fronts, this means having the ability to video conference, instant message as well have voice capability, because that is what customers are doing every day. Additionally, Yabbit integrates with programs such as Google, Salesforce and Microsoft 365, making it one of the easiest UC platforms on the market today. Phone Systems Brisbane.

The ultimate goal of any unified communications and collaboration technology implementation is improved business outcomes… We believe that our open mobile engagement platform is designed from the ground up for mobility, flexibility and reliability to support the way people and businesses work today.

Gary E. Barnett, Senior Vice President & GM, Engagement Solutions, Yabbit

Yabbit has been recognised as a leading provider of contact centre, unified communications, networking products and services designed for mid market business. Businesses have reaped the rewards of Yabbit’s technology, getting an increase in workforce productivity, customer engagement, and customer lifetime value, which has proven to result in higher revenue and profitability for small businesses who use Yabbit systems. On the 30 September, 2014, Yabbit had over 300,000 customers, including 95% of the Fortune 500, with over 1,000,000 installations worldwide. Phone Systems Brisbane.

In Australia, Yabbit is only just beginning to merge, with tough competition from big brands and big providers who want to sell their own agenda. With Yabbit, small to midsize businesses benefit,being able to have the best VoIP and SIP solutions, as well as grow their phone system network without a hardware overhaul. When it comes to things such as video conferencing,mobility and other essential business applications, again, there is no requirement for a hardware overhaul, just an addition to existing hardware – the Yabbit IP Office. Phone Systems Brisbane.

In most cases, small to midsize businesses want an Yabbit phone system, they just don’t know where to begin. If you are a   business owner looking to buy or upgrade your phone system Brisbane, and are not sure where to begin, IPVS can help you find exactly what you’re after; our expertise is giving clients business performance, costs that make sense and customer service excellence. Phone Systems Brisbane.

Your agenda matters,

IPVS, Yabbit Gold Partner

Phone Systems Brisbane

Video and Hosted Communications with Brisbane’s NBN

The NBN Could Save You Thousands

The rise of video and hosted communications is changing the way organisations conduct business.

Does does it do?

Video conferencing gives us the ability to meet and communicate with co-workers, partners and customers in an efficient virtual environment that renders geographical barriers a non-issue. While the technology allows people around the world to connect with each other and collaborate, they needn’t be confined to their respective conference rooms. That’s because you can now join the conversation from your desktop or mobile device with the touch of a button.

Avaya Scopia Desktop and Mobile Applications

Avaya’s Scopia Desktop and Mobile Applications technology gives your staff the capability of creating and participating in virtual meeting rooms regardless of their physical location. Benefits of video and hosted communications include the ability to share content such as documents and data, record the meeting and easily switch administration privileges. All users can participate by instant messaging with a complete range of emoticons and high definition recording for playback.

The intuitive technology is simplicity itself. It’s quick to install, easy to use, and allows you to connect with customers and staff with a single click. Scalability means the technology keeps pace with a business’s growth and for security-sensitive industries, secure connections and the ability to encrypt streams over the internet between client and server provides peace of mind.

It’s a business advantage!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking an organisation’s opportunity to take advantage of this new capability is hindered by significant hardware investments. With hosted communications, companies such as IP Voice Solutions can have you up and running quickly without the need for complex licensing fees or installation challenges. With today’s global workplace, employees are spread over multiple locations. Allowing every person to communicate and share information quickly and easily is just good business.