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Tips to Connect your CRM to your Phone System – So YES YOU CAN!

2017 has been the year that businesses have demanded we as Communications consultants must give more Value, more Benefits and not just provide Dial tone. Initially with the Digital economy, many Businesses were looking for cheaper Telephony alternatives than the old faithful PBX system. Cloud emerged as the latest trend in Phones. It was simple and it worked when on a private network but there was restrictions.

I’ve been in this industry for 30 years and i have seen functionality diminish rapidly in real life as opposed to the glossy brochure, when people have gone to Cloud telephony. Its funny how the sales guy said i wouldn’t lose functionality and it would be cheaper of course. The reality is yes it may sort of do a similar job but its not as easy and definitely didn’t save us any money. So Cloud became a reality and with the deep pockets of carriers the marketing machines convinced us all that its of course better.

You need to Connect your CRM, Accounting package and ticketing software.

There has been many promises and articles on how the Customer Experience is the new marketing. How its not about what i say in my marketing about how great we are at all. The new Marketing is about what I as the customer say about you in a review. Now more than ever your focus must be on the Customer experience. Yes you can do this with Microsoft Skype for Business.

The Battleground is now the experience and it must be customer service.

Connecting the CRM and software in your business to the Phone setup enables your team to forge a relationship with your customers based on knowledge. The confidence of the staff talking to customers flows through to a relationship of safety, less risk and you know what i want and need. It equates to a better experience and a happier client. It allows staff to enjoy their role and be proud of a great job. Imagine a company that has staff that loves making clients happy.. And more easily than before.

Hey a quick request from me to you is to please share this article to your contacts and ask them if they believe connection to the CRM would improve the Customer experience in their businesses.

If you want more information on how we can enable performance in your customer service, to build higher revenue and have a productivity increase to boot please contact me directly. There is no smoke and mirrors and no spin. Ill let you know if we can or we cant. However we will allow you to make an informed decision that can help your Business grow and change your outcomes to one of awesome reviews.

Business checklist – Customer experience – Digital strategy.

If you think a quick checklist may help you with where you are headed in this area please click here. I’m sure you will find value in the checklist.

Do the Business Communications Checklist now.

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