Bryan Byrt Automotive Group Cuts Telecommunications Costs by More Than Half

The Bryan Byrt Automotive Group grew by 230 per cent between 2011-2013, but saved thousands of dollars per month on their phone, internet and private networking costs by deploying an Avaya IP Office Telephony Platform together with a Managed Voice/Data Network.

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Challenge: Upgrade an outdated system to increase efficiency and cut costs in line with a period of growth across the business.

Solution: A new Avaya IP Office Telephony platform incorporating SIP (VoIP) telephone lines, new telephones and Unified Communications applications.

Value Created:

  • Telecommunications costs dramatically reduced while business grew by more than 200% over two years.
  • Enabled the business to create a duplication and deployment plan for growth, with new sites coming on board quickly and cost effectively.
  • Ensured the phone system stayed online during local service interruptions.
  • Reduced administration costs as staffing could be monitored and adjusted according to need with measurement of call volumes.
  • Provided users with desk phone functions on their mobile phones from anywhere in the world.
  • Allowed users to log in to any IP phone and access their contact lists, calls, messages, direct dial and extension numbers.

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The Bryan Byrt Automotive Group is the number one Ford selling dealership in Australia, setting benchmarks for the industry since opening in Mt Gravatt in 1972. The Bryan Byrt Automotive Group operates 11 sites across Brisbane, growing from 4 sites in 2011, and has seen an increase in staff from 150 to 350 over this time. The sites encompass Bryan Byrt Ford as well as Volkswagen, Skoda and Isuzu dealerships, parts and service centres.

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Bryan Byrt was running on an outdated, costly phone system at a monthly spend of over $17,000 across four sites. The system was expensive to maintain and difficult to upgrade as the business grew.

The old system was limited with its technology, so growth meant antiquated practices were to continue. Bryan Byrt Automotive Group was seeking a more effective strategy to grow and manage their communications and as such, this better technology would help the business gain a competitive edge in the market. The old system also provided no method of measurable statistics on call data such as number of incoming calls, abandoned calls, quantity of sales calls, and the ability to measure customer service.

“Trust was a key factor in our search for a communications provider,” says Bryan Byrt Automotive Group Financial Controller Nathan Groux. “We wanted a business partner we could ensure would meet our needs as the business grew and offer reliable service provision and onsite support, which is crucial to our customer service promise. IP Voice Solutions have the agility to work with our processes and respond accordingly. The advice and knowledge in today’s best practices have now paid dividends.”


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Bryan Byrt received several tenders for the upgrade of their communication system and found IP Voice Solutions to be superior in every aspect, from cost to service and support.

“We were looking for more than the cheapest solution,” says Nathan Groux. “As it happened IP Voice Solutions was in fact not the lowest quote, but more importantly, they offered the most attractive package in terms of system capability and potential for business growth. They delivered a clear strategy for our future and it has been fact and not fiction.”

IP Voice Solutions deployed The Avaya IP Office platforms across an initial four Bryan Byrt sites, replacing the internet and phone connection lines with a managed voice and data network. This immediately reduced their call costs due to the capability for sites to call one another across the data line rather than phone lines, effectively negating call charges previously incurred. Bryan Byrt also deployed Avaya Compact Contact Centre, an application that provides call centre and service centre staff with live and historical statistics from software running on a wall-mounted plasma screen. The entire system is monitored by IP Voice Solutions so that if any disruption to service is experienced, there is a full redundancy and resiliency strategy in place and calls can be redirected and answered at an unaffected site while the problem is fixed. This has been proven on numerous occasions with power outages, and in one instance, cable breakage in the street, cutting all services.

Bryan Byrt staff are able to access Avaya Apps which enables access to the phone system from anywhere in the world. Staff can dial out through their desk phones rather than incurring the call costs on their mobile phones, they can see a presence and chat between IT devices as required. Call recording third party packages were replaced by the in-house Avaya recording in a seamless process. This enables better quality control of the calls from customers.

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Measurability was a key upgrade in Bryan Byrt’s new system provided by IP Voice Solutions. The business is now able to measure calls into the service centre via the Avaya CCR application including the number of calls received, wait times and abandoned calls, to enhance the business’s customer service model.

The Avaya recording system also allows for greater training capabilities from recorded calls. Being interconnected, this also enables calls to be answered at any dealership in the network and the flexibility of easy relocation of staff by simply moving the phone to another desk or location without losing numbers or setup of the phone.

Call Costs Reduced

Bryan Byrt Automotive Group was spending between $17-$18,000 on the old system per month across its four sites. The new IP Voice Solutions system is now run over 11 sites and costs less than $19,000 on an upgraded network 15 times the speed of the former provider. The group’s staff has increased from 150 – 350 employees in that two year period, while costs have increased only marginally despite growth of 230 per cent.

“The return on investment for the overall project paid for itself within a matter of a few months, while giving us a wide variety of extras,” says Bryan Byrt Automotive Group Financial Controller Nathan Groux. “Rather than paying skyrocketing telecommunications costs for new technology, we were able to have it implemented for less than our old antiquated systems.”

Duplication and Deployment

As the Bryan Byrt Automotive Group grew over the past two years from 4 sites to 11, encompassing Bryan Byrt Ford, Volkswagen, Skoda and Isuzu offices, new major sites’ communications were able to be implemented quickly and cost effectively based on a duplication model developed from the first system installation.

“The capacity of this system is so large it can be added to easily at any time,” says Nathan Groux. “IP Voice Solutions has the skills and expertise to carry out deployment quickly and I know I can rely on their prompt service and advice. The journey together has added important value to the organisation.”

Based on experience to date, the Bryan Byrt group is able to accurately forecast their communication costs incurred with expansion and is able to build that in to their business model to maintain consistency of systems across all sites.

Protection Against Disaster

The communication strategy put in place at Bryan Byrt Automotive Group has stood up to scrutiny around system disconnection due to roadwork and power failure. In these instances, calls were forwarded to an alternative site immediately, without the need to call carriers, and staff at the offsite location were able to answer and respond to calls as though the customer was being answered by the location they dialed. This resulted in uninterrupted service and zero impact to customers.

Administration Costs Under Control

The Bryan Byrt Automotive Group has the potential to minimise the need for reception staff at each site. In instances of staff absence or holiday periods, calls can be directed from each area of the business to anywhere else in the business and answered accordingly due to a caller ID system.

Phone calls can also have customized messages for each car manufacturer with multiple messages on hold – if a customer dials in to a Ford or VW dealership they will hear the hold message of their intended location or brand.

System control is managed from a central location and Bryan Byrt IT staff are able to manage much of the system independently of IP Voice Solutions, including a certain level of system customisation, basic modification of name changes and new user additions. Alternatively, IP Voice Solutions can connect remotely to the system and assist with any changes.




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The System Overview


  • Avaya Preferred edition, Advanced edition.
  • Avaya CCR Call centre, Avaya Contactstore recording
  • Avaya Power user profile


  • Avaya IP office IP500v2 platform<./li>
  • Avaya 35XX managed switches
  • Avaya 1616, 9608 and 9650 IP telephones.
  • Avaya IP DECT, Avaya Reception SoftConsole


  • All integration services provided by IP Voice Solutions Pty Ltd (1300 1VOICE).


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“The return on investment for the overall project paid for itself within a matter of a few months, while giving us a wide variety of extras,” says Bryan Byrt group financial controller Nathan Groux. “Rather than paying skyrocketing costs for quoted new technology, we were able to have it all implemented by IP Voice solutions for less than our old, antiquated systems.”

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The Bryan Byrt Automotive Group is the number one Ford selling dealership in Australia, setting benchmarks for the industry since opening in Mt Gravatt in 1972.The Bryan Byrt Automotive Group operates 11 sites across Brisbane, growing from 4 sites since 2011, and employs 350 staff, increasing from 150 at that time. The sites encompass Bryan Byrt Ford as well as Volkswagen, Skoda and Isuzu dealerships, parts and service centres.

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Established in 2005, IP Voice Solutions is an Avaya IP Office Expert accredited mid market partner in Australia. IP Voice Solutions employs engineers across Australia who provide small, mid-sized and large organisations with telephony and communications solutions. The company also offers maintenance and repair services, which ensure systems operate at peak performance. Form more information, please visit or email [email protected]

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