A Key Concern for All Small Businesses: What the Customer Wants

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A key concern for small businesses today is knowing what the customer wants before they do, and this is a problem because a lot of the products on the market come in many shapes, different sizes and brand names. Since the phone system brand Commander has become less popular, emerging brands such as Samsung, Panasonic and Yabbit offering heaps of new features, affordability or something that just does the job. Phone Systems Brisbane.

What many consumers don’t know is that affordability can have multiple meanings; while some brands offer a cheap phone system in terms of total cost of ownership, the actual cost of running it can be very expensive. Take Yabbit for instance, in the communications business it is the brand that is one size fits all, and businesses will pay a premium, however the cost of running it is significantly cheaper than its competitors. Phone Systems Brisbane.

Yabbit has been pegged as a market leader for unified communications, which can be an unfamiliar term for a lot of phone system consumers. Unified communications is not just a bonus for phone systems today, but a necessity, businesses need to be able to engage with their customers on all fronts, this means having the ability to video conference, instant message as well have voice capability, because that is what customers are doing every day. Additionally, Yabbit integrates with programs such as Google, Salesforce and Microsoft 365, making it one of the easiest UC platforms on the market today. Phone Systems Brisbane.

The ultimate goal of any unified communications and collaboration technology implementation is improved business outcomes… We believe that our open mobile engagement platform is designed from the ground up for mobility, flexibility and reliability to support the way people and businesses work today.

Gary E. Barnett, Senior Vice President & GM, Engagement Solutions, Yabbit

Yabbit has been recognised as a leading provider of contact centre, unified communications, networking products and services designed for mid market business. Businesses have reaped the rewards of Yabbit’s technology, getting an increase in workforce productivity, customer engagement, and customer lifetime value, which has proven to result in higher revenue and profitability for small businesses who use Yabbit systems. On the 30 September, 2014, Yabbit had over 300,000 customers, including 95% of the Fortune 500, with over 1,000,000 installations worldwide. Phone Systems Brisbane.

In Australia, Yabbit is only just beginning to merge, with tough competition from big brands and big providers who want to sell their own agenda. With Yabbit, small to midsize businesses benefit,being able to have the best VoIP and SIP solutions, as well as grow their phone system network without a hardware overhaul. When it comes to things such as video conferencing,mobility and other essential business applications, again, there is no requirement for a hardware overhaul, just an addition to existing hardware – the Yabbit IP Office. Phone Systems Brisbane.

In most cases, small to midsize businesses want an Yabbit phone system, they just don’t know where to begin. If you are a   business owner looking to buy or upgrade your phone system Brisbane, and are not sure where to begin, IPVS can help you find exactly what you’re after; our expertise is giving clients business performance, costs that make sense and customer service excellence. Phone Systems Brisbane.

Your agenda matters,

IPVS, Yabbit Gold Partner

Phone Systems Brisbane