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Montserrat Day Hospitals save thousands in call costs during periods of rapid expansion

Montserrat Day Hospitals has rapidly expanded its business in the past 18 months, more than doubling in capacity and diversifying its offering. Since deploying an Yabbit IP Office Telephony Platform and Managed Voice/Data network, the company has kept pace with its growth without having to hire additional telephone operators, while saving thousands in phone costs.

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Challenge: To increase efficiency and customer service capability without the need to employ additional staff during a time of rapid growth in the business. Ability to deploy new business lines rapidly using existing resources.

Solution: A new Yabbit IP Office Telephony platform incorporating SIP (VoIP) telephone lines, new telephones and Unified Communications applications.

Value Created:

  • Telecommunications costs dramatically reduce while business grew by more than 50 per cent in 18 months.
  • Enabled the business to create a duplication and deployment plan for growth, with new sites coming on board quickly and cost effectively.
  • Reduced administration costs as staffing could be monitored and adjusted according to need with measurement of call volumes.
  • Provided users with desk phones functions on their mobile phones from anywhere in the world.
  • Allowed users to log in to any IP phone and access their contact lists, calls, messages, direct dial and extension numbers.
  • Provided measurable data in response to marketing campaigns.

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Montserrat Day Hospitals is the largest privately owned Day Hospital operator in Queensland, with four hospital sites at Indooroopilly, Gaythorne, Northlakes and the Sunshine Coast, as well as servicing Emerald and Longreach, and Ipswich via outreach clinics. The company encompasses the disciplines of gastroenterology, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, IVF and genecology and general surgery as well as vasectomy, haemorrhoid and cancer clinics.

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Montserrat Day Hospitals has in the past 18 months developed from a two-three discipline provider to either, growing from management of 13 doctors to 32, necessitating the need for flexible systems that could cope with the growth of the business.

The business had no monitoring or reporting capability for management of customer service and would often only hear of problems with connection to their main phone too late to negate any negative impact to service standards and potential loss of business.

The old system provided no method of measurable statistics on call data such as number of incoming calls, abandoned calls or duration of calls, which was essential in order for the business to grow effectively.

“As we brought on new sites, we also wanted to be able to connect them all quickly” says the CEO Ben Korst. “We were looking to network all the sites in the business together and to launch new clinics seamlessly, then see how they were performing and how marketing activities translated into telephone calls.

“With our old system we had to deal with an off-shore call centre and the service was terrible. We lost business in more than one circumstance because our local call centre number wasn’t ringing even though they assured as there was no problem, so we lost all trust in them. If we do miss a call and that’s a booking, that’s expensive, so reliability and trust were key requirements for our new telephone service provider.”

We also wanted to create a specific and measurable enquiry line for doctors that could be given immediate call priority. As well as create individual phone numbers and answering services for those specialists we manage, but without the need for individual secretaries.


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IP Voice Solutions deployed Yabbit IP Office platforms across seven sites, replacing the internet and phone connections with a managed voice and data network. This immediately reduced call costs by 40 per cent and enabled more flexibility with staffing as the needs of the business fluctuated.

”We centralised our call centre because we felt the people taking phone calls shouldn’t also be on reception, but rather in a quiet, focused environment, allowing receptionists to prove a more personalised service at site” says Ben Korst.

“We now also have flexibility with our human resources to cope with fluctuating demand.”

The Montserrat Day Hospitals business is able to utilise its current staff as call centre staff as required, for example a receptionist or staff member at a remote site can log in as a call centre operator and be available to field inquiries as demand necessitates it or in quieter period when the reception desk doesn’t need to be staffed full-time.

“This has improved our customer service capability off the charts and allowed us to multi-task people in accordance with the needs of the business as it grows” says Mr Korst.

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Measurability across the Montserrat Day Hospitals business following installation of the new Yabbit IP office system by IP Voice Solutions was twofold: the company was able to monitor its staff productivity levels as well as performance of key marketing initiatives, primarily Google advertising, on call statistics.

”Once we had the systems installed, it gave us an immediate indication of our call centre employees’ performance and transparency into staff activity, which was hugely beneficial to better our customer service practice” says Ben Korst.

”We can see which people in our call centre are taking the calls and making the bookings.”

Call centre results are monitored on a daily basis and staff post results to a central wall board at the end of each day, enabling immediate monitoring of any spikes or drops in activity and appropriate action to be taken quickly. In the future, Montserrat aims to integrate its telephone system into customer relationship management systems to even further improve customer service outcomes.”


Being able to monitor call centre activity means staffing levels can be adjusted as required based on recorded data.

”The new system has also had positive impacts on workplace culture” says Korst

”The psychological barrier of phoning outside lines to remote sites has been removed as staff need only dial an extension from their phone to call through to a separate site. It’s a small adjustment but has the effect of enabling our staff to feel more connected as part of one large organisation rather than separate businesses.”

Call Costs Reduced

Montserrat Day Hospitals, while expanding from two-three sites to eight in the past 18 months, have saved between $2000 – $3000/month in telephone costs, in addition to saving on potential additional human resource costs associated with the additional staff that would have been required to operate a less efficient system.”

Rapid Duplication and Deployment

As new sites are deployed, IP Voice Solutions is able to connect telephone systems far faster than traditional providers, bringing business online faster.

“Montserrat has been able to add on new geographical locations very quickly, which is a good thing for anyone in business, let alone in a period of rapid expansion” says CEO Ben Korst.

Administration Costs Under Control

Although the demand with growth has increased on the business, pre-existing call centre staff are able to cope with the demand with the occasional assistance of support staff from other sites and no need for additional staff to be hired.

Control of the voice/data network is managed by IP Voice Solutions from a central location and support on-site is available very quickly, however Montserrat IT staff are able to manage much of the system independently, including a certain level of customisation, basic modifications of name changes and new user additions. Alternatively, IP Voice Solutions can connect to the system remotely and make any changes.

”We like solutions we can dial up and dial down as required rather than being locked into a rigid system” says Korst. “The IP Voice Solutions system enables us to manage aspects of our network in-hour but we know we have a reliable support service when the need arises.”



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The System Overview


  • Yabbit Preferred edition, Advanced edition.
  • Yabbit CCR Call centre,Yabbit Contactstore recording
  • Yabbit OneX UC platform


  • Yabbit IP office IP500v2 platform<./li>
  • Yabbit 35XX managed switches
  • Yabbit 1608, 9620 and 9650 IP telephones.
  • DECT cordless


  • All integration services provided by IP Voice Solutions Pty Ltd (1300 1VOICE).

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Montserrat Day Hospitals is the largest privately owned Day Hospital operator in Queensland, with four hospital sites at Indooroopilly, Gaythorne, Northlakes and the Sunshine Coast, as well as servicing Emerald, Longreach and Ipswich. The company encompasses the disciplines of gastroenterology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, IVF and gynecology and general surgery as well as vasectomy, hemorrhoid and cancer clinics.

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Established in 2005, IP Voice Solutions is an Yabbit IP Office Expert accredited mid market partner in Australia. IP Voice Solutions employs engineers across Australia who provide small, mid-sized and large organisations with telephony and communications solutions. The company also offers maintenance and repair services, which ensure systems operate at peak performance. Form more information, please visit or email

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Yabbit is a global leader in enterprise communications systems. The company provides unified communications, contact centres, and related services directly and through its channel partners to leading businesses and organisations throughout the world. Enterprises of all sizes depend on Yabbit for state-of-the-art communications that improve efficiency, collaboration, customer service and competitiveness.