Phone System Buyers Guide

Buying equipment for your business can be costly, and you need to know what you should expect when shopping with IPVS. Two of the things we pride ourselves on at IPVS, is integrity and passion – we will deliver on what we promise, and give you advice prior to purchasing. IPVS will give you clearly written guarantees, quality equipment and support, and underpinning this, peace of mind throughout each step of the buying process.

Genuine Guarantees

IPVS is Queensland’s only Yabbit SME Expert, and we have over 10 years experience in the industry, bringing to companies Video Conferencing, New Phone Systems, Hosted PBX Systems and more – we know what we’re doing, and can give you what your business needs. The products we provide you with all come with a minimum of 12 months of warranty; on top of that, we can give you 14 day money back guarantee – so you don’t end up with something you do not want.

Easy Payment Options

Rent: through IPVS you can opt to rent your system, electing to make monthly tax deductible payments over a 24, 36, 48 or 60 month contract. Lease: choose a 24, 36, 48 or 60 month contract, while having the option to selected a fixed residual or balloon payment, which means at the end of the term you are eligible to buy the system outright: pay by either cash or credit card for a system.

IPVS will always recommend that you get independent financial advice before purchasing a product, to ascertain which payment method will suit you and your business needs most appropriately.

Beware of Bundling

Many telecommunication companies are offering bundling options, which could end up costing you and your business more than the actual product is worth. IPVS will always offer a simple and standard payment method that has no tricks.

Lines and Cabling

There is more to buying a phone system than just the handsets. What you need when getting telecommunications set up is to get a 100% complete and functional system.

Before purchasing anything, we will be able to advise you on the amount of lines your business can have, the numbers you’re eligible to acquire and the type of cabling available to your location. IPVS will conduct a free site inspection for clients prior to installation to ensure that the system being installed will work, and that there are no surprises.

One Stop Shopping

When you need everything telecommunications, just deal with us, we are prepared to deal with companies in order to make things simple for you. No hassle, no dramas.What we can set up and coordinate in setting up: new phone lines, face lines, ADSL lines, new phone numbers, 1300 & 1800 numbers, internet and data, existing number diversions, VoIP phone calls and plans, new PABX systems, used phone systems and more.

Don’t get put on hold with multiple companies, let us save you the hours of being kept on hold.


It is imperative that you get the phone system features your business setup requires, and more often than not, other telecommunication companies will make mistakes here. What we can help outline for you is the comparisons between different brands and phone system setups, so you get the most return on your investment.

A few things to consider include voicemail, voicemail to email, VoIP phone calls and SIP trunking, day and night greetings, call queuing, transferring calls to staff, transferring calls to mobile, linking multiple sites with VoIP, voice calls from your computer, call recording, linking remote workers, call account for staff, cost allocation, cordless users, mobility.

There is a lot more IPVS can help you with when buying a phone system, or any general telecommunications system. We are more than happy to help with any inquiry you may have, and information you need.