Avaya collaboration solutions bring talented individuals together to form exceptional teams – to collaborate faster, make smarter decisions and drive better business results. Being able to communicate anytime, on any device is critical today, and IP Office delivers on what matters most: responsiveness, accessibility, productivity – by taking collaboration to a whole new level. It’s all about uniting your collective strengths and delivering your collaborative best.

Managing the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Trend

IP Office easily and securely integrates with most popular smart devices, bringing full desktop communication capabilities to employees no matter where they go. Employees can be more productive. Businesses can save by reducing company-owned mobile devices.

Connectivity Options

With Avaya Equinox, companies have the flexibility to choose the connectivity mode most suited to each staff members environment. Options are:

  • My computer – enables voice over IP operation where the PC serves as the agent’s phone.
  • Desk phone – allows Avaya Equinox and an office phone to share control of telephony and agent features while remaining in perfect synchronization.
  • Another phone – provides toll quality voice even for home agents. Signaling between the application and the call server is IP while the voice media is delivered to a home, office, or mobile phone (also referred to as telecommuter mode) upon login, the agent simply selects the preferred connectivity mode. Regardless of mode selected, the user enjoys the same interface and rich feature set.