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Midsize Phone Systems

Who or what exactly requires a midsize phone system? The system will ideally cater for any business with 30 to 200+ users, because the recommended solution is simple yet effective.

The Avaya IP Office 500 v2 Phone System

It is the right brand for any business, and will make a world of difference to business operations. Technology is ever changing, and so is the requirement for businesses to adapt to that change. The Avaya IP Office 500 v2 Phone System ( hereafter ‘IP Office’ ) offers long term flexibility, lower costs and a great deal of performance, these three things will be discussed in more detail after establishing why the IP Office is the right solution for your business.


Business owners are always looking for a system that saves costs, but one that also improves performance… and then there is redundancy. What if there was a solution that was irreplaceable, offering add-ons with business expansions, applications the avoided unnecessary upgrades and new software that integrates with the system?

The truth is, the IP Office will cost businesses a little bit more to get started, but the return on investment is incredible. The long term costs of running an Avaya IP Office system are in our opinion cheaper than any other system on the market today.

Lower Cost

First, lets have a look at when businesses want to improve their system to handle more users. The IP 500 v2 system ( ‘the box’ ) handles 32 users, but the clever thing behind it is that you can add another one and increase the capacity, and then again. There are a range of options that allow businesses to extend the capacity of their IP Office, and if their system is virtualised, they can go up to 2,000 users.

What do other systems do? When businesses need more users, they have to buy another box, which in most cases causes the other one to become redundant.


It’s already established that user scalability with the IP Office is affordable and flexible. But what about the features Today people are in and out of the office, and what we see more than ever is that they’re always on their mobile phone. This isn’t a bad thing. When phone systems became popular, it was a luxury to have a mobile phone, it was also expensive. But now, that’s really not the case and many phone system brands have not adapted.

What do we mean by adapted? You can integrate your mobile phone into your phone system, call that go to your office number can be received on your mobile, anywhere and at anytime. Applications have become a big part of business networks across Australia, and the IP Office taps into that network. Business employees are more likely to pick up calls, be proactive and can work remotely without the fear of losing out on an important business opportunity.


Business applications that extend the capabilities of employees, lower costs, and more. If you want to read all about the IP Office’s performance, click here.

Staying the Same

Staying on a platform that doesn’t sound like the IP Office is risky. Business applications are essential, and the IP Office ensures that you get tomorrow’s technology today, because that’s what every customer or client wants. Communications are no longer voice dependant, people want to instant message, go on web chat, email… It’s quicker, for some less intimidating, and they don’t have to wait.

We can tether your phone system with your mobility devices, your website, and with the release of Avaya Web Collaboration, Office 365, Salesforce and Google Chrome. The IP Office is a power house for performance, it is the new direction for businesses who want cheaper, more flexible and reliable performance.

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