What options do you have when ISDN is Disconnected

With Telstra due to cease the sale and to exit ISDN2, ISDN2 Enhanced, ISDN10/20/30, Customers have been left stranded.

Disconnection of existing services for the Products to follow nbn co’s rollout region disconnection timeframe, starting from June 2019, Telstra has decided to exit Products across all geographic regions by 2022.

This may actually be a blessing for many businesses, as ISDN was such a large expense.

The best option if changing from ISDN, is to move to SIP Trunks (Internet based phone lines)

This option is not only very cost effective, but extremely flexible.

Below is rough costing to migrate your current ISDN line to SIP with us.

The acronym SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and refers to a TCP/IP-based network protocol which can be used to establish and control communication

SIP diagram

Porting your phone numbers

Number Port Fee (Cat C): Complex number/s with one or more enhancements line hunt, call diversion, fax stream and ISDN. 4-6 weeks$390.00/number/attempt
Number Port Fee (1300#): 1300 numbers1-2 weeks$165.00/number/attempt
Number Port Fee (Cat A): Single numbers1-2 weeks$25.00/number/attempt

Ongoing ‘Line Rental’

SIP Lines are $5 per line per month

Call Costs

Local Standard and National calls within Australia.8c per call
Mobiles.18c per minute
1300 Numbers.30c per call

Other Factors You Will Need To Consider

Are your handsets SIP Compatible?

Any licences or additions needed for your phone system?

The only other factor you would need to consider is your internet speed and data allowance.

To ensure call quality, we do recommend creating a separate internet account to handle just your phone calls.

We can organise this for you if you need.

You can check your current internet connection by going to speedtest.net

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