Avaya Scopia Desktop and Mobile

With Avaya Scopia Desktop and Mobile, you can take the meeting wherever you are. Video conferencing allows you to collaborate with anyone from anywhere, perfect for any business – connecting colleagues, partners and customers. You can join any meeting easily from your smart phone or computer, giving you an engaging face-to-face meeting.

Go on, get a room

You’re business will be enabled communicate face-to-face with Avaya Scopia Desktop and Mobile inside and outside of the office – perfect for on the go. The virtual meeting room is easily downloaded and set up, allowing you to collaborate more efficiently; the application can be downloaded on your own device from either Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

  1. Rich User Experience: this product is hands down the best video collaboration, asides from being compatible with high definition video and audio, it provides control, moderation and administration capabilities.
  2. Simplicity Fuels Usage: the set up is incredibly easy, it only takes a single click to connect to your customers and colleagues, and to install the application on a smart phone is easy – next to no time to configure the software, leaving lots of time to get the important stuff done.
  3. Affordability: saving money is in everyone’s interests. Skip the complex licensing fees and installation hurdles when you use a freely distributed client; you’ll be able to achieve a low total cost of ownership, providing a high return on investment as a result.

Video conferencing designed for all locations – the Avaya Scopia Desktop and Mobile is easy to use, one touch applications embrace your own smart phone or tablet device, without compromising the quality of the conferencing experience. The Avaya Scopia portfolio includes freely distributed video conferencing applications for desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, a dedicated High Definition Video Room System is offered as part of the solution.

Anywhere, Anytime on Any Device

Avaya Scopia Desktop and Mobile

Take the meeting wherever you are with Avaya Scopia Desktop and Mobile – anyone in your organisation can create their own virtual meeting room. After setting up the virtual meeting room, the owner can invite anyone, from anywhere, on any network to participate in a video conference, alternatively they can opt in just for the audio component. These customisable, always available rooms support scheduled and ad-hoc conferencing from video conference room systems, desktops and mobile applications.

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