Avaya One-X Mobile Australia

The One-X Mobile application is an extension for an existing Avaya phone system, and allows users to receive calls anytime, anywhere and on any device. This business application is easy to deploy, use and secure so that businesses will improve performance and costs while maintaining business continuity.

Integrate the Avaya One-X mobile application into your exiting Avaya IP 500 System

Compatible with iOS and Android BYOD.

Quick and easy to deploy to any business. Businesses that have already an Avaya system and require mobile functionality can expect that this business application can be integrated and set up fast, without any damage to business processes.

What is SIP for mobile? It is a mode in the Avaya One-X mobile that allows the mobile charges to operate between two networks – wifi networks and cellular towers. The smart thinking behind this allows businesses to reduce cellular connectivity costs when users are in the office.

Instant messaging and presence. The presence option allows users to see the availability of their colleagues, this makes communicating so much more efficient – no longer is there a need to call back. Additionally, instant messaging gives users to communicate over small things that don’t require a phone call.

Easy to Use… And You’ll Save on Data Costs!

The Avaya One-X mobile application’s intuitive graphical user interface delvers quick access to unified communication functionality, as if an employee was in the office. Having an application which allows a user to talk, text and know when his or her colleagues are available makes this application highly effective for any business.

Single Number ReachSimplify customer communication with elimination of multiple reach numbers.
Single Number OutboundMaintain PBX number for business identity and BYOD privacy.
Simultaneous RingRing up to 4 devices, mobile or fixed line.
Visual Voice MailNo need to dial in, corporate VM is visual for quick prioritisation.
Corporate DirectoryEasy access to corporate contacts through search function.
Call logsNever miss a call, see entire corporate inbound call history.
Single Voice MailAny business call not answered is sent to corporate VM.
Favourite ListPrioritize incoming calls. Non VIP numbers can go directly to VM.
Dial by Office ExtensionPlace calls using using internal extension dialling plans.
Call from ContactsSpeed connection with direct dial from contacts list.
Call RoutingRoute incoming calls to any device based on schedule/location.
Multiple Line AppearanceSimultaneously manage multiple calls.
Control ButtonsHold/resume, add a call/conference, transfer, park, speakerphone.
Mobile SwitcherMove calls between mobile devices and desktop/desk phone.
VoIP-Cellular HandoverOperates on both wifi and cellular; hand-off from cell to network reduces cost.
Network Quality IndicatorVisual indicator of current state of network connection.