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4 Benefits of Using IP Office Live for Remote Working Environments

We’ve recently seen businesses in Australia switch over to a remote work model due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With that rapid change in work model, we’re seeing more and more of your team members using their personal mobile phones for work. While this scenario is a fairly common, lower-cost option that is easy to do, […]

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Tips to Connect your CRM to your Phone System – So YES YOU CAN!

2017 has been the year that businesses have demanded we as Communications consultants must give more Value, more Benefits and not just provide Dial tone. Initially with the Digital economy, many Businesses were looking for cheaper Telephony alternatives than the old faithful PBX system. Cloud emerged as the latest trend in Phones. It was simple […]

Panasonic Smart Hybrid System

Panasonic’s Smart Hybrid An Alternative Option IPVS believe that Avaya is the best brand on the market, as not only is it used by more than 90% of the Forbes 500, but has great and highly flexible solutions for all business sizes. However, it has also come to our recognition that Panasonic is a fierce […]

Midsize Phone Systems Brisbane

Midsize Phone Systems Who or what exactly requires a midsize phone system? The system will ideally cater for any business with 30 to 200+ users, because the recommended solution is simple yet effective. The Avaya IP Office 500 v2 Phone System It is the right brand for any business, and will make a world of […]

Video and Hosted Communications with Brisbane’s NBN

The NBN Could Save You Thousands The rise of video and hosted communications is changing the way organisations conduct business. Does does it do? Video conferencing gives us the ability to meet and communicate with co-workers, partners and customers in an efficient virtual environment that renders geographical barriers a non-issue. While the technology allows people […]