4 Benefits of Using IP Office Live for Remote Working Environments

We’ve recently seen businesses in Australia switch over to a remote work model due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With that rapid change in work model, we’re seeing more and more of your team members using their personal mobile phones for work. While this scenario is a fairly common, lower-cost option that is easy to do, there are significant potential issues brewing each time a team member uses their personal phone number for business purposes, especially if they are in a heavily-client facing role.

We’ve outlined some of the biggest challenges facing businesses that are using employee’s personal phone numbers to conduct business, and how IP Office Live helps address some of these issues.

Difficulty distinguishing between incoming personal and business calls

This is one of the most common issues employees face when using their personal phone for business. For example, a call from their child’s school doesn’t appear any different than a call from a customer or important prospect.

Now, this leaves the employee unsure and unprepared on:

  • A) How to respond
  • B) Determining how urgent the call is
  • C) Whether they need to move to a quieter room, or if it’s a casual call they can take with some noise in the background

Nobody likes being unprepared, especially for an important client. IP Office Live offers a great solution for this problem that eliminates all of the unnecessary guesswork. It allows employees to answer calls directed to your business phone number on their personal mobile devices.

Work-life balance (and overall productivity) becomes tricky

If employees start giving out their personal phone number instead of their business line, then it becomes nearly impossible to turn off one part of their life without turning off the other. Taking work-related calls on the weekends or while on holidays or days off can become very problematic because while this is sustainable in the short-term, it can lead to major burnout in the long-term. This is especially true for those who work from home and already struggle with defining boundaries between work and their personal life as it’s all conducted in the same space — home.

With a separate business phone number, employees are able to set boundaries and take time to recharge on their time off — another big advantage to employers utilising a softphone like IP Office Live.

Important customer data travels with your employee

If an employee uses their personal phone number to conduct business with clients, you may run into tricky privacy issues. By using a personal number to call or text clients and prospects, now all of that important contact information, call logs, text messages and voicemails, travel with the employee — even after they leave the company.

That’s where the softphone comes in handy. If an employee decides to leave the company, their business phone number can be deactivated so that they no longer have access to private customer information. This way, the company retains information that belongs to them and mitigates any customer privacy issues they could have faced.

IP Office Live’s mobile app interface also allows you to access your entire business call history, business contacts, voicemails and text messages with ease – something you would not be able to do if this data was only stored on your employee’s personal device.

Employees struggle with a cluttered, unorganized inbox

When both personal and business phone calls are coming through one line, the resulting call volume can be a lot to manage. Especially since contact with a client isn’t conducted solely over the phone, but also through text and email.

By routing a business number to your employee’s mobile phone with a softphone solution like IP Office Live, that no longer becomes an issue. All business calls and text messages will be housed in one space (the mobile app) so accidentally texting a client about an upcoming weekend BBQ never happens.

Start using IP Office Live today:

Learn more about IP Office Live and how it can help you manage your employees while they are working remotely here. If you have any questions or would like to discuss further, please get in touch with us today.