Does your business require a solution, not only in telephony, but a solution which engages with your business and its clients?

IPVS can equip your business with every telephony needs, without the hassle of having to go to more than one company to do something we find simple. We will not only help and construct your telephony network, but offer you a project management system, maintenance, and ensuring that the newly implemented system works as well as being accommodating for growth as your business expands.


Outline of doing it the IPVS way:

  • System design.
  • System quote.
  • Installation.
  • Training.
  • Maintenance.
  • Expansion.

Why people choose us – we offer other integratable services:

  • VoIP through Unified Communications.
  • PABX giving you Presence Solutions.
  • Call Centre solutions, which can work with our Solutions.
  • Voice – private networking.
  • Data – hosted solutions.

In Australia there has been an evident struggle, not only with telephony, but internet speeds. Sure download speeds are great, but upload speeds – if you’re video conferencing a client, and all that is going to do is cause video blurring and noisy audio. We have felt the need to improve these common issues which are still present in 2014, and introduced a fibre plan that is brilliant for businesses and their needs.

Pursuant to communications, not only do we offer high quality services, internet plans and connections, but essential accessories to complete a premium business package. We have researched the best of the best, which may sound expensive, but is affordable and of high quality. This includes:

  • Headsets.
  • Handsets.
  • Cameras.
  • Conferencing equipment.
  • And more…