How are we different? We designed a revolutionary architecture purpose-built for high definition video communications. Using the most advanced technology, LifeSize delivers the ultimate in quality, flexibility, and price performance.

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Superior Quality of Experience

Stunning HD video allows you to see every movement, every gesture. The easy-to-use, intuitive interface invites interaction and encourages use. Dramatically increased usage means enhanced communication and greater productivity. The result is demonstrable ROI.

Unique Flexibility

Easily deployed on any IP network, LifeSize solutions have been proven to deliver the best bandwidth/performance in their class. There is no costly network build-out required, and there is no expensive additional equipment to buy.

Unmatched Price Performance

All of this is priced for broad deployment; there are no hidden costs. With the lowest acquisition cost, and lowest total cost of ownership, LifeSize makes HD video communications accessible to everyone.


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LifeSize Desktop

assets/uniphyer/lifesize_desktop_laptop.jpg Description:Introducing LifeSize® Desktop™PC-based Video CommunicationsLifeSize® Desktop™ delivers HD video communications from the convenience of your PC – enabling mobile users to stay connected, anytime, anywhere. A natural extension of your existing LifeSize HD video environment, LifeSize Desktop keeps remote teams in sync without compromising on quality.Want to receive the latest version of LifeSize Desktop, Download it Now to receive the 30 day free trial. Once Downloaded email [email protected] and we will give you our IP to connect to our Lifesize Team 220 unit and you can see the quality yourself.

Collaborate face-to-face from your PC

Unlike other applications, LifeSize Desktop is a standalone desktop client (no server required) that allows you to receive 720p30 video in full 16:9 format, for effective collaboration at a distance. HD audio with echo cancellation delivers a rich, true-to-life experience.

LifeSize Desktop supports off-the-shelf webcams for quick, simple deployments. Remote users can easily connect and receive high quality video at any bandwidth, over the corporate VPN or through LifeSize Transit, for secure NAT/Firewall traversal.

Unique Flexibility

Designed for performance and efficiency, LifeSize Desktop’s low CPU utilization enables video calls even with multiple concurrent applications running on the PC. The intuitive, easy-to-use interface provides a common LifeSize user experience from the desktop to the conference room.

LifeSize Desktop mobilizes high definition video communications, enabling users to collaborate from anywhere in the world.

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The Power of HD Video Conferencing on Display


At LifeSize, we believe that the true value of video conferencing is realized when HD video is broadly accessible – for every teleworker, meeting room, desk, and remote office. LG Executive, powered by LifeSize®, brings us one step closer to that vision.

When you combine industry-leading LifeSize HD video communications technology with an LG monitor designed to maximize productivity,  you get a video conferencing solution that is smart, simple and streamlined.

The Intelligent Choice

All LifeSize end points deliver superior HD quality at low bandwidths.  The LG Executive, powered by LifeSize, is no exception.  Furthering our vision that HD video communications should be as seamless and mainstream as a phone call, we are pleased to offer a solution priced so that everyone in your organization can connect face-to-face, in high definition.

You don’t need to purchase expensive infrastructure or replace your existing systems.  The LG Executive, powered by LifeSize, is a point-to-point solution that works with your existing video conferencing systems as well as your IP/PBX installation.

Deployment Made Easy

Enjoy an immersive HD video communications experience from your desk with a no-hassle deployment.   We’ve combined a LifeSize video endpoint, camera, microphone with a sleek LG 24” display – designed to work with YOUR environment in mind.  Replace your PC monitor, add it to your office desk or use it in a small workspace.  It works where you work.

When Time Equals Money

Who can afford to disrupt business productivity?  LG Executive, powered by LifeSize, not only streamlines your desk, but your daily acitivity as well.  Participate in an HD video call with your colleagues at headquarters, switch back to your PC to finish the proposal, then hop into a video conference with a customer.  All from your desk.  All without missing a beat.

Simple. Smart. Streamlined.

HD video conferencing is on display with the new LG Executive, powered by LifeSize.

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LifeSize Passport


Product Code: Passport


Introducing LifeSize® Passport™ – the most flexible,affordable, easy-to-use HD video communications system – ever.

LifeSize Passport is the first and only HD video system to deliver telepresence-quality and unmatched simplicity at a price point that enables broad deployment to every knowledge worker in your organization. And with its compact form factor, LifeSize Passport is the first truly portable telepresence-quality system; Passport is so small, it fits in the palm of your hand.

Transforming video communications

With LifeSize Passport you get true HD video quality – 720p30 – for natural, realistic interactions at only 1Mbps over any internet connection. And LifeSize Passport is the first HD video communication system that works with Skype™, making connecting with colleagues and customers easier than ever.

Ideal for individual offices, teleworkers, and collaboration rooms, Passport enables you to stay connected, anywhere, anytime. Easy to set-up, easy to connect, and easy to use, with LifeSize Passport, you will be communicating face-to-face in minutes.

In today’s fast-moving global economy, the telephone and e-mail are not enough. Frequent face-to-face meetings and meaningful dialog are vital for success, but travel is expensive and time-consuming. LifeSize Passport enables you to maximize productivity and to eliminate wasted travel time. The return on your investment has never been more clear.

Powerful. Easy. Affordable.

LifeSize Passport is clearly how video communications is meant to be.

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LifeSize Team

assets/lifesize/Lifesize 3.jpg

Product Code: Team


Flexible, Full High Definition Video

Maximum video quality and features for the entire enterprise

For the first time, Full HD and superior multipoint conferencing is available at the midrange for 1/3 the price of others in its class. Introducing LifeSize® Team 220™ — the next step in workgroup video communications.

With LifeSize Team 220, you get Full HD video quality (1080p30/720p60) for natural, realistic interactions. You get unparalleled ease of use and flexibility for workgroups with dual high definition display and camera support, digital input and output connections, an embedded 4-way, Full HD multipoint control unit (MCU) and dual microphones.

Outside-the-box working experience.

Beyond technologies, over and above service and support, there’s the proven enrichment in workgroup efficiency that LifeSize Team 220 offers. LifeSize designs video communications solutions with absolute user simplicity in mind. This is the face-to-face communications experience to rely on when you need to make decisions quickly and confidently.

And just like all of the products in the LifeSize 220 series, LifeSize Team 220 delivers:

  • The highest available resolution on the market – 1080p30
  • The best motion handling with half the latency with 720p60
  • Full-motion video and content with 720p30 dual streaming

LifeSize Team 220 proves once again that the LifeSize difference is the LifeSize experience: Superior video communications across cities, across countries, across continents.

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LifeSize Room

Product Code: Room

assets/lifesize/Lifesize 3.jpg


Experience Exceptional Communication

Full HD for the most flexible, realistic video communications experience ever

It’s here — the next generation in Full HD video communications. Introducing LifeSize® Room 220™, the world’s most powerful HD video communications system.

With LifeSize Room 220, you get the highest level of quality available today — Full High Definition, standards-based 1080p30 for the highest resolution on the market and 720p60 for the best motion handling with lower latency. But, LifeSize Room 220 comes standard with an embedded 8-way Continuous Presence multipoint bridge showing 4 visible sites, complete with transcoding and all digital I/O. Plus, LifeSize Room 220 also has a point-to-point throughput of 8Mbps. And the compact, sleek unit is less than half the size of comparable solutions.

One look and you can see for yourself that the LifeSize® difference is the LifeSize experience — superior video communications across cities, countries and continents.

Flexibility is enhanced, since our exemplary attention to the human interface ensures that the LifeSize Room 220 system is simple and easy to use. And because we’re committed to open architecture, proven LifeSize interoperability provides full integration into your existing standards-based communications infrastructure.

You also get unprecedented bandwidth/performance:

  • 768kbps for 720p30
  • 1.1Mbps for 720p60
  • 1.7Mbps for 1080p30

In today’s world, better than being there. In addition to technology, service and support, LifeSize offers the most exceptional quality and user simplicity, making remote communications a more productive, true-to-life experience. And like all LifeSize products, LifeSize Room 220 delivers superior quality of experience, unique flexibility and unmatched price performance.

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Lifesize Express

assets/lifesize/Lifesize 1.jpg

Product Code: Express


High Definition for Everyone

The award-winning LifeSize® Express™ provides the same easy-to-use, high definition quality video as all LifeSize solutions at an industry-leading price for performance. Ideal for both enterprises expanding and upgrading their video infrastructure and new users seeking the benefits of video, the LifeSize Express with Focus can bring a telepresence experience to any meeting room.

With a sleek, compact design, LifeSize Express extends video communications beyond the board room. It is ideal for executive offices, remote and home offices, and smaller conference rooms, as well as portable cart-based applications.

LifeSize designed video communications with simple usability in mind. Seamlessly connect with any user across your corporate or the public network – anytime, anywhere.

High definition quality. Simplicity. Meaningful team communications. LifeSize Express is clearly how communications is meant to be.

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