Communication Solutions

A robust Communication solution is critical, it is the most important tool that any business has linking you directly to your customer base and market.

At IPVS we provide a consultative approach to your business and tailor communication solutions to meet your requirements. We offer end-to-end project management from design, engineering, installation, maintenance and ongoing facilities management. We also ensure you have a single point of contact and that we are accountable for the project performance and delivery.

We offer a complete range of Communication solutions including:

Voice over IP Unified Communications
PABX Presence Solutions
Call Centre Solutions Wireless Solutions
Voice Private networking
Data Hosted Solutions

We provide specialist advice and support at every stage of your Communication lifecycle.


We offer a full range of Voice Solutions, including traditional voice, Voice over IP (VoIP), wireless networking, and call-centre solutions. We deliver our voice solutions as a managed service, and work with you to provide the business outcome that is right for your business.

Whatever your choices, your business will benefit from our experience in providing superior networking products, and our team has strong relationships and support from our wide range of market-leading communications hardware and software providers.


Businesses are increasingly reliant on the Internet to establish presence, remain competitive, transact online and service customers. The reliability, security and cost effectiveness of that internet connection are now an integral part of your everyday work environment.

IPVS provides business-grade Internet connectivity in a range of speeds, plans and contracts that offer the perfect fit for your business.


We specialise in providing tailored data network solutions. Our solutions offer low risk, robust and competitively priced WAN services that deliver the confidence you need to get on with your business.

Data Centre & Co-Location

The cost of traditional “in office” facilities is becoming more and more expensive to own and maintain. Organisations have come to realise that hosting of business critical servers and applications is better suited to an experienced partner. Entrusting these services can reduce the amount of resource time required for support allowing you to focus on more important tasks.

The IPVS Data Centre, offers shared and dedicated facilities depending upon your requirements. Direct network access from the data centre provides additional communication benefits and cost savings.

Business Grade VoIP or SIP lines or Trunks.

IP Voice Solutions has access to Business grade VoIP, and its not like your home residential VoIP that chops and fades in and out. We wont allow this low quality to be a part of our product range. If it is organised by us it will be Business grade or ISDN grade. Whats the catch , well there isnt one. If you have the DSL connection done by IPVS and we connect your VoIP – well we will offer you free line rental to approved customers. Terms and conditions apply but think of the savings

  • ISDN 10 from other telcos – approx $300 per month line rental
  • ISDN 10 from other telcos – approx $300 per month line rental
  • ISDN 20 from other telcos – approx $600 per month line rental
  • ISDN 30 from other telcos – approx $900 per month line rental

SIP lines with all of the functionality used with PABX systems – FREE line rental with the Data link done by IPVS.

Save thousands of dollars per year using VoIP by IPVS. No bad quality and no ISDN card needed in the phone system , save in hardware as well.