Avaya Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

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CTI allows users to access information in company databases during phone calls. A services representative can automatically receive detailed customer information in a screen-pop on their PC when a customer calls. Employees can also control their phone via a familiar, easy to use GUI. CTI is based on the Telephone Applications Programming Interface standard, which supports Microsoft Windows applications such as Microsoft Outlook.

Through CTI, IP Office can improve employee efficiency and productivity by combining telephone and PC capabilities behind one easy to use GUI. It can enhance customer contacts by providing employees with access to important information.

Avaya IP Office Manager System Administration Tool IP Office Manager is the systems administration tool. Using a Windows Graphical User Interface, Manager provides an intuitive interface for installation, configuration and subsequent moves, additions, and changes. As with all IP Office applications, the Manager is multi-lingual and, coupled with the ability to use the application both locally and remotely, it is possible for an administrator to manage any of their IP Offices from any country using their local language preference. Access to each IP Office is protected by passwords and definable user rights. This allows Manager to operate according to the individual administrators level of expertise. The Manager provides remote management facilities and off-line configuration.

By monitoring activity across all locations, businesses can control costs, increase efficiencies and drive improved system performance.

Avaya Remote Hot Desking The ability for a user on one IP Office system to log into any telephone (analog, digital, or IP) on another IP Office system within the Small Community Network.

A user can make and receive calls from any IP Office location as if using their phone at their primary IP Office site. Remote hot desking offers callers and other associates single number access to reach an employee, improves mobility for the employee, and controls costs since privileges and calling restrictions still apply.

Avaya SIP Trunks Session Initiation Protocol Trunks

Avaya CTI Brisbane

SIP allows IP Office users to take advantage of new telephony services being offered by Internet Telephony Service Providers. These telephony services can offer substantial savings in comparison to traditional trunks (analog and digital). With IP Office, users, regardless of their phone type, can make and receive calls on SIP trunks. SIP trunks are handled like any other trunk on the IP Office affording the call routing and control needed to manage inbound and outbound calls.