Avaya Cloud

Save Time and Money and Migrate Your Phone System to the Avaya Cloud

The difference between have your phone system in the cloud or on premise is huge. What businesses already recognise is that a phone system is expensive to buy, and then own. One of the key perks of having a business phone system located in the cloud is that the total cost of ownership (TCO) comes right down, and the return on investment (ROI) goes up. What makes this obvious is that, when a business phone system is in the cloud, the cost of maintenance and associated on-premise costs largely disappear.

Migration to the Avaya Cloud

Further, the business can utilise new features such as unified communications (UC) and improved applications. What is unified communications? As phone systems have progressed through innovation, business processes have as well, and this means that technology which is relied upon has changed. The modern phone system setup allows for integration of salesforce.com, Google Docs, Office 365 and much more. Employees with the Avaya Cloud can communicate like never before; sharing files and collaborating with presence, chat, video and voice, ultimately improving efficiency and performance in the workplace.

The Avaya Cloud is not Complicated

With the introduction of the IP Office Live, a cloud-based / hosted phone system has become even easier. The IP Office Live ensures that businesses are kept up to date with new software, so that their phone system is running as it was designed to, without the stress and downtime expense. Our staff are trained to give the best advice, and make sure that businesses get exactly what they are after. After all, it is their agenda which matters.

Existing Phone System Migration to the IP Office Live

  • Any business with an Avaya IP Office system which is less than five years old is entitled to a rebate and migration plan, enabling a business to enhance communications with the cloud platform. To fully work out the logistics and costs associated with this, contact us to learn how your monthly costs can be reduced.
  • Migration plans are offered for Avaya Aura and Call Manager systems. Savings can be made where there is compatible hardware, such as Avaya IP handsets.
  • A multisite system is where businesses have multiple systems on different sites. Similarly, savings can be made where there is available compatible hardware that can be transferred onto the new system. Savings are also possible as the IP Office Live will centralise the business’s system, which reduces TCO and increases ROI.

Why IP Offie Live?

IP Office Live is powered by Avaya, a company which more than 90% of the Forbes 500 depend on for their communication systems. In addition, IP Office Live is fully managed by Avaya Gold Certified Engineers, who are experts in unified communications and IP telephony.